It is comprehensible that there would be an aversion towards this cause from those who do not share the ideals that animated the enterprises of the Servant of God, but the Church cannot remain in silence in front of the fifth centennial of the discovery of America, so much the more when a most faithful daughter of the Church is the determinate cause of the discovery and Christian evangelization of the whole of the continent; as of so many more of her realizations of universal character.

Nevertheless, if the Pope would like, with such a motive, to solemnly present her, if only as a model of Christian virtues, with the title of Venerable, only this missionary gesture together with the celebrations that will accompany it (Also with the protests that will not be lacking and will be uncovered) would have an extraordinary efficacy. The enemies of the church are preparing for the extraordinary occasion to make their message be known and to claim for themselves all the due respect.

The vast campaign orchestrated against a possible beatification of Isabel the Catholic has provoked also a no-less vast expectation demanding all the attention upon this singular woman, most faithful and most efficacious Daughter of the Church. It would truly be very sad and painful not to take advantage of this providential occasion to call the attention of the entire world upon the Christian virtues incarnated in a woman "totius orbis ornamentum" (ornament of the whole world), (Alvar Gomez de Castro, biographer of Cardinal Cisneros), and upon the mother that generates this race of heroines.

When the Church would deign to glorify this Servant of God, many will have to revise their uncritical position.

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