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The first issue of Isabel magazine was published for January-February 1996. The magazine is published in both English and Spanish.

World Meeting of Families

Pope Benedict XVI, Queen Isabel & the Family

The Evangelisation of America, part IV

The Greatest Woman in History?

Europe's Hope is God

The Evangelisation of America, part III

Book Review: Isabel la Catolica, Servant of God, part II

Queen Isabel's 555th Birthday

The Evangelisation of Ameria, Part II

Book Review: Isabel la Catolica, Servant of God, part I

The Evangelisation of America, Glory of Spain, Part I

Isabel the Catholic, Queen of Spain, part II

Isabel the Catholic Queen in the Cathedral of Toledo

Isabel the Catholic, Queen of Spain, part I

Letter to All Clerics

Support for the Canonisation of Queen Isabel of Spain

Isabel the Catholic Queen, Reformer of the Church

From St. Clair McEvenue (excerpts from Raising Hell by St. Clair McEvenue)

Queen Isabel, The Witness of the Catholic Faith (Msgr Jesus Garcia Burillo), part II

The Catholic Monarchs, Founders of America, part II

Isabel and the Inquisition

Queen Isabel, The Witness of the Catholic Faith (Msgr Jesus Garcia Burillo), part I

The Catholic Monarchs, Founders of America, part I

Mexico and Isabel the Catholic

Isabel issue 56

Queen Isabel, the Witness of the Catholic Faith

Isabel and the Jews

A Model for Contemporary Catholics

Isabel issue 55

The 500th Anniversary of Queen Isabel's Death

A Beatification Process in Progress

The Real History of the Crusades, Part II

Isabel issue 54

Isabel the Catholic, Reformer of the Church

October 12, 1504

The Real History of the Crusades, Part I

Isabel the Catholic in Burgos

Isabel issue 53

Toledo Commemorates the fifth centennial of the death of Isabel the Catholic

Cardinal Rouco receives the Grand Cross of the Order of Isabel the Catholic

A novel recalls Isabel the Catholic

National Commission of Homage to Isabel, Queen of Castile and Mother of America

The Blessed Christ who spoke to Isabel in the Encampment of Santa Fe de Granada

Isabel issue 51

The New Inquisitioin: Spanish Inquisition does not live up to reputation of injustice

Queen Isabel: saint or bigoted despot?

Isabel issue 50

Isabel in Mexico

Music and Culture about Isabel the Catholic


Spanish bishops promote the beatification of Isabel the Catholic

Isabel issue 49

New painting for the 500th anniversary of the death of Queen Isabel

Commentary on the will and codicil of Isabel the Catholic

Hispanidad Day commemorated

Isabel issue 48

On the Sancitity of Isabel the Catholic

Path to Rome

Isabel issue 47

On the Sanctity of Isabel the Catholic

Speech of Msgr Cipriano Calderon during the awarding of the Great Cross of Isabel the Catholic at the Embassy of Spain before the Holy See

Isabel issue 46

On the Sanctity of Isabel the Catholic

Promotion of Isabel the Catholic

Stamps honoring Queen Isabel and the royal family

Ancestry of Isabel the Catholic

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Building a Global Christendom

“Unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies it will bear much fruit.” John 12:24

Does God plan to rebuild Christendom, globally? Is the Holy Spirit inspiring hearts around the world so that the Christendom which went to ground in the sixteenth century may emerge again in a new form? Jesus rose from death with superabundant life. This life He gives to His Church so like Him, despite all attacks, the Church cannot be destroyed.

Christendom is where the ultimate sovereignty of Jesus Christ as God the Son and Redeemer is explicitly recognised and celebrated by the secular authorities. Exactly what form a global Christendom may take we do not know, but we can be absolutely sure of vital principles which have been present in the Church from Her earliest days. The more perfectly men and women practice these enduring principles, the more strongly we can expect to see Christendom emerge.

Listed below are what we regard to be the most essential aspects of Christendom, and we find all of them epitomised beautifully by Queen Isabel the Catholic. It is this, combined with the fact that we have such rich historical documentation of her life, which makes Queen Isabel the perfect study and patron for the building of a renewed and global Christendom. In this hope, successive issues of Isabel Magazine will be treating each of the following themes:

• Christian Unity
• Generosity to the Church
• Interior Life of Faith
• Exterior Signs of Faith
• Defence against Attack Without
• Defence against Corruption Within
• Outward-looking Evangelisation
• Resisting Satan
• Exercising Charity
• The Family
• Loyalty to the Pope
• The Eucharist
• Devotion to Mary

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